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18 responses to “FlareCard

  1. allineo says:

    I want to suggest here to add a very little logo , very light, right at the bottom when we download the QR card.

    I’d like to promote this product with the QR code that was generated by it. As soon as it is something very small and light.

  2. allineo says:

    The button is sending me back to my cards, but I actually wanted to go back to the card I was.

    Also , will be good to have an statistic on how many people will have more than one card.

  3. allineo says:

    I didn’t like the “=” on the “= my cards”. I don’t know what this signal “=” is going there. It is really confusing me.
    But it didn’t stop me to click on the button , because I want to go back to my card.

    Maybe I clicked at it just because it is the only option available.

    • Rene says:

      I think the team approach soduns really exciting, with each paring/small team being comprised of a lead developer(s) and someone perhaps lesser experienced.This is an excellent way for newbie core contributors (myself included!) to get some experience mixing with the WP guru’s!I hope this mentoring approach works out and becomes the de facto standard for core development.

  4. allineo says:

    At the Details page, something happened at Nov, 28th that I have no clue what is going on.

    At this point I suggest the site to give me more info about this data. Who is accessing it besides me.

    • Hide says:

      oh my god, he has a good game and you’re talking about filans MVP and best player? what about the terrible game 1 he had? what about rondo’s triple double? what about kobe scoring 30 last game? one game doesnt mean anything, if he can have more game breaking performances then he can deserve the MVP.

  5. allineo says:

    Than I clicked on my card.

    I still don’t like that links flt something with something else that is not my name.

    I liked the QR code and I liked the print button.

    I still miss the logo of my company on this page.

    I also like the info: “This card has been read 213 times Details.” Clicking at it now.

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