Customer Development Day

It's amazing how much we can learn from each other!

May 27th

Event  Script


1. Introducing the organizer (Alline Watkins) and the event.

2. What is Customer Development. Quick introduction.

The Customer Development Process – Steve Blank’s video


3. Start sketching exercise:

Drawing Personas
Identify Top Problems

4. Post the Personas on the wall.  Persona name and keywords.

Every attendee sign at paper for the personas they fit.

5. Attendees interview each other about their personas.

Ideally each interview 5 personas.
Recommend to video record the interviews.
Necessarily annotate the interviewee main problems.

Ice breaker
Reinforce the persona role.
How they describe themselves
How their routine looks like
What are their main problems
How they are already solving this problems
How much their rate their problems , from 1 to 5

6. Sketch Problem or Use case scenario

7. Problem example:

8. Attendees do Problems Interviews

Each attendee will ask 5 people for feedback on their sketches.
Ask interviewee to rate the problem from 1 to 5.
Ask interviewee how are they already solving this problem.
Ask interviewee what will make the solution a 5.

9. Attendees make their problem matrix:

10. Solution Sessions

Attendees add their solution sessions at the Session Board on the wall.
Product/Idea name + Attendee Name + Sketches (Persona and Uses)

Attendees sign their names at the others sessions of their interest.

9. Group sessions starts

10. Event Feedback

Feedback discussion



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