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13 responses to “LiveSource

  1. Anonymous says:

    What I want it to do:

    what modules are being developed, and percent complete of each module – how much of the user requirements are complete?

    Major roadblocks encountered by software development

  2. Anonymous says:

    Second impressions: looks like a source code management system targetted towards lean startups.

  3. Comment on the website: xTreme Lean Toolkit… for what? What if I don’t have a github account?

  4. Sounds like a website that is updated in real-time with some sort of content, i.e. a feed from a conference or convention

  5. Anonymous says:

    Initial impressions: Something to do with generative, living source code that is available and easy to get to. Could also be product or vendor sourcing.

  6. Daniel says:

    I believe that a product that links blocks of source code to business requirements is extremely helpful to improve the communication and efficiency of a software team. The software needs to have easy-to-understand dashboards where business people can see exactly how the implementation of requirements is progressing (even as simple as a % of completion)

    Developers need to be able to quickly open a source file and find a piece of code that relates to a business need being discussed. It’s the ability to connect high level thinking with deep implementation details in both directions that is of most value to me.

  7. Daniel says:

    The first time I saw LiveSource. I was confused and didn’t know where start and what exactly it did. I remember fully learning what the software was about at Alline’s talk to the San Diego Java User group. After learning the background of what Alline was advocating, LiveSource started to make sense. I still believe that the product needs UX and design work to help the user into its different flows. It’s hard to get started.

  8. bryathlon says:

    I have not used LiveSource yet but I have spoken with Alline a few times about it in general. I think that this product will help me to better know what is going on with my project by analyzing my source checkins. I know that this is focused on teams as well so I think that it will also be associated with development tasks. I think that a more intimite connection between planning and managment and source control is interesting and I would like to see a if LiveSource does this. I think that it would largely be automated so that capture is simple but the data that it provides is still rich.

  9. Anonymous says:

    You can be more honest if anonymous 🙂

  10. allineo says:

    Please my friends, give me your most brutal feedback here!


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