Customer Development Day

It's amazing how much we can learn from each other!

Lean UX

Excerpt from


Sketch (From Wikipedia) :
“Record or develop an idea for later use”  or
“A quick way of graphically demonstrating an image, idea or principal.”


“Perfection is not the goal. Communication is.” – Tristan Kromer


“Why draw? (…) Human beings, for the most part, are hard wired to interpret visual images with much greater fluidity than the written word.” – Tristan Kromer



a.k.a: Customer Segment or Market Segment

“In marketing and user-centered design, personas are fictional characters created to represent the different user types within a targeted demographic, attitude and/or behavior set that might use a site, brand or product in a similar way.” (From Wikipedia)


Slide number 73:

Slide number 92:


.VIDEO:   Lean UX: Somewhere over the Waterfall:


“When you don’t know what to do, make it faster”. Janice Fraser,


Lean UX for the Customer Development Day:




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