Customer Development Day

It's amazing how much we can learn from each other!

CustDev Topics Survey


Please, briefly describe your understanding about the topics below.
This is not a Test! It is just to understand your opinion and to have an idea on what we should improve more.

Customer Development

.Relationship with the customer. Finding and targetting the customers.
.CustDev is about finding WHO your customers are, WHAT their pain points are, and HOW you solve that pain.
.The activities that go into customer Acquisition, and satisfaction and retention
.I’ve read Steve Blanks and Eric Ries, but need to put the ideas into practice.
.Scientific method on the process of discovery and interaction with customers
.A little
.Developing relations with current customers as well as honing in my skills to effeciently and effectively acquire new ones
.Focusing on developing your customers as opposed to focusing on other areas, i.e. seeking investors
.early startup step to validate assumptions of product and market
.Identifying and classifying the segments of users and customers that will engage and buy your product.
.Series of activities you should do to aquire more customers

Minimum Viable Product

.Something small you can do to test if the product works.
.MVP is simply the minimum product required to find out the answers to the q’s in #1
. A product ready to be released to public and monetized
. Read “Lean Startup”
. Minimal product that solves a customer pain. Customers continue to use and engage the product.
. A lot
. A product that provides some value to someone, that might not be your ideal finished prototype
. The bare essentials, the core product to get out there
. essential to get product into customer hands early and get feedback and iterate frequently
. The smaller ammount of activities you should do to test an assumption about a product.

Lean Startup

.Bootstrapping and testing assumptions to make everything about your more lean and faster growth.
.Follows de the models described above
.A startup that cuts down on extraneous costs in order to be in revenue at minimal cost
.Read “Lean Startup”
.Scientific method on finding a profitable business model
.Concentrating on putting out a product that someone wants before heavily investing and proceeding with concepts
.Being extremely flexible
.startup: organization in search of a proven business model
.innovative companies that can adapt fast and efficiently to new circunstances

User Experience

.Create a seamless exp.
.Self explanatory
.Every interaction and touch potential or actual users have with our company
.I’ve built several websites
.Everything about a user interacting with your product and company
.A lot
.How the user interacts and feels about interacting with your product
.how the user sees/uses the product, (not how you see it)
.How the user/customer navigates and utilizes your product.
.The temptatiopn of capturing the fellings that the user experience when use a product or a service.

Build-Measure-Learn Loop

.Loop to buil, rebuild, to find waht is best
.See Eric Ries book
.Iteration for improvement
.No experience
.Tight, fast, learning cycle that measures user engagment with your product and company. Answers a specific question.
.A little
.It refers to the pivots and being able to adapt to reactions and results to improve ones product
.The cycle of product environment
.getting the mvp into the market early, get feedback, iterate
.an efficient process to better understand customers and innovative products

Startup Metrics

.Analytics to show what you are lacking
.Measure in order to improve: quant analysis
.Measure off all user activity and interaction
.A little
.Early indicators as to the direction of the business
.Measuring different things, i.e. growth
.if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it
.Stats to measure success and identify areas needing improvement.
.necessary number to acquire new customers and maintain them.

Problem-Solution Fit

.How your solution solves a problem
.How well does the solution solve the problem?
.Read the book
.The solution that I offer solves my customers problem in a way that makes them happy.
.A little
.Whether or not the product we are creating is focusing on fixing a certain pain point
.How well the solution solves the problem?
.does it solve the problem?
.How well your product/idea solves the problem at hand.

Product-Market Fit

.How the market has a problem
.See above
.How well does your product fit the size/needs/pricing of the market?
.Read the book
.My product is resonating with customers so that > 40% say they would be extrmemely dissapointed without it. I am ready to scale.
.A little
.Whether our target audience is correct for the product we are developing
.How will the product fits in the market?
.Is it disruptive?
.How well your product/idea is accepted by your target market


Did you read the books bellow? If no, please tell us why. If yes, please tell us what did you like and dislike about them.

The Four Steps to the Epiphany (Steve Blank)

No. Did not have access and want to huy them
No, never heard of it
Read parts.
Very good high level view
Have not yet read
No, thougth it is too boring. But I will read now.

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development (Brant Cooper)

No. Did not have access and want to huy them
No, never heard of it
Not yet. Sitting on my Kindle
Very good practical view
Have not yet read but have heard a lot about it and I know Brant
Yes. Liked a lot the practical exercising approach of the book, and also the easy-to-read style.

The Lean Startup (Eric Ries)

No, never heard of it
Listened to the Audiobook
Have not read it.
Yes – Very helpful in getting started
Have not yet read but have heard a lot about it
Just bought it!
Reading. Liking it a lot. Very impressive on how Eric Ries still have more and more rich experiences to share with us. How much his theories are evolving, how dedicated he is in his researches, how solidary he is being on sharing everything with the world.

Running Lean (Ash Maurya)

No. Did not have access and want to huy them
No, never heard of it
Never heard of it.
Very good practical view
Have not yet read but have heard a lot about it
Started. So far is introductory, but looks like will have something new to tell me.

Other books to recommend?

.Innovator’s Dilema and Innovators Solution
.Zilch: The Power of Zero in Business
.e-myth, art of the start, business model generation, law of success, first things first, greatest salesman in the world
.Not thinking of any right now.



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