Customer Development Day

It's amazing how much we can learn from each other!

CustDev Manual


1. Sketch your persona / customer segment. See example here.

– Draw a picture of their face /body
– List 3 to 5 demographic characteristics
– List 3 to 5 behavior characteristics
– List 3 to 5 needs and/or goals
– List 2 to 4 of their major problems

2. Interview 5 people that matches your customer segment.

– Ask what are their major problems at the moment
– From 1 to 5, ask how important is each of their major problems
– Ask how they are already solving or working around these major problems.

3. Score your persona major problems and characteristics.

– For each reported problem rated between 4 and 5, count how many people reported the same problem.
– If you don’t find a major problem rated 4 or 5, interview more 5 personas.

–  For each characteristics assumed on your persona sketching, verify which ones were validated from the interviews and which ones weren’t.


4. From your persona interview, identify the problem you’d like to build a solution for.

5. Interview again more 5 personas, now about the problem you’d like to solve. See example here.

6. If you don’t find at least 3 people saying that they must have a solution for this problem you are trying to solve, so interview 5 more people.



7. Sketch your solution. You can use a few wireframes to represent your solution.

8. Interview again 5 personas, and ask them to rate from 1 to 5 how important is this solution to them. See example here.







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