Customer Development Day

It's amazing how much we can learn from each other!

Feb 11th

1.  Turn your laptop/tablet on and configure the Internet.

2. Access

3. On the page  “CustomerDevDay “, please add your first comment to this event.
Please, write about your first impressions, your expectations on what the event is going to be and also what do you wish it is. Feel free to add as many feedback you want. More is better!

4. Now, please take the next 20 minutes to fill out the three parts of your REGISTRATION FORM

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

This Census is a very important data for us. The idea is we will start making comparisons between San Diego Startups, and understand better our strengths and weaknesses.

5. After the Registration Form, go to the page “Visions” and take a look at our community founder’s visions. You are very welcome to add your startup vision to the list, we would love to know it. Note that this page has public access.

6.  Now, please go to the page “Availability”  and add the dates you would like to have more in person Customer Development meetings. You can also check other people’s availability and start contacting them!

7. Go to the page “The Feedback Team and in case you would like to pay 5$ to receive a feedback or in case you would like to receive 5$ to give a feedback, please email

8. For IPhone/IPad only: Install the event app – RENDEWOO – on your IPhone/IPad and start connecting with everybody on LinkedIn!

9. Now, please head to the event organizers and ask to add a page for your company on the, so we all can give you lots of feedback. Note that all feedback on this page will be public, including anonymous feedback. You will be able to delete them though, in case you want to.

10. After your page is created, please select a session for you on the Sessions Board on the wall and add a blank paper on it with your name and your company’s name.

11. Them add your initials on all the other sessions you want to participate, and be ready to start developing your learnings!


Before the Customer Development Sessions

1. Take a look at the “Feedback Maturity Model“. Understand the importance to collect initial feedback before people get to know more about your company. After these first impressions are gone, and your customers start to know your product better, you can’t return and try to collect them back.

2. Take a look at the other pages available. The Lean UX Sketchings are very helpful when you try to organize and communicate your product/idea.

3. Also, have a deep understand what Minimum Viable Product exactly means, so you can save a lot of time and money on your startup journey.

4. Have a clear and objective view on what metrics exactly you want to collect on this event and at any other Customer Development meeting. It helps you focus and make your meetings much more productive.



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One response to “Feb 11th

  1. Bryan says:

    Getting setup at Customer Development Day at the Ansir Center.

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